Renee Ballard Communications Services page

What I can do for you

A strong, reliable and tailored social media plan will give your company an online presence that can translate to brand value and an increase in sales. 

  • Social media strategies that work in with existing marketing plans
  • Social media campaigns to support marketing campaigns
  • Social media training

I work with companies that have a message that want amplified in the market to their audience and I do this using social media channels.

My single focus is ascertaining what is the message, who is the audience and how is the best way to connect to them online.

I work with both individuals and companies helping them to improve their online presence with a strategy that aims to achieve the designated goal and a plan that puts the steps in place to get there.

For companies

I can work in with companies that have in-house marketing teams and/or companies that don't.

For companies with in-house marketing teams, I can work along the team to provide annual social media strategies through to individualised social media campaigns to complement marketing campaigns. 

For individuals

I work with individuals to help raise and polish their online presence so that they stand out against their peers in their industry. This is especially useful when people are considering promotions, pay rises and applying for new jobs.

What I won't do to you

After years of working corporate side, there's a few things that used to tick me off when dealing with media/design/communications/PR agencies. Out of that experience, here's what I can promise:

I won't tell you or your company that the solution is just to simply open a Facebook/Instagram/Twitter/LinkedIn account. 

I won't bust your chops looking for company info that I can resourcefully find myself.

I won't make a plan that requires more time and effort to execute than you have time for.